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Life is good! Until it isn’t.

“The night had fallen gently on the sleepy kingdom
following a day that had been bright and peaceful. The
fields had been mown, the bread had been baked, the floors
swept and the linens aired.

The soft breeze whispered that
tomorrow would be bright and shining as well.
The servants of the High King were readying the
great house for the night. The king and his household had
all retired to their family rooms. In the nursery, the nurse
sat rocking the young prince. His cry had been unusual
tonight, and she was tired from the watch.
Quiet was sitting about the King’s house like a great
calm; the sun had shuttered his eyes and darkness was now
gathering in the streets and hedgerows. Outside in the
deepening colors of the evening a traitor was working his
greedy trade.”  Excepted from “Perdita – A Lost Child” by Tina Steele Penn

No matter what we do, how many I’s we dot and T’s we cross, Evil creeps into our lives and destroys our plans and protections. We can plan everything ever so carefully, and bless it with prayers and preparations, but nevertheless, often, it attacks us through the very cracks under the door.  No wonder ancient peoples believed in signs and curses.

We think of ancients as uneducated and unevolved peoples.  They believed in other beings, gods, and spirits, angels and demons.  Other worlds beyond the physical, that could not be seen, only felt.  But these ancient people could transnavigate the globe without computers, merely by watching the stars. The stars we barely know. They memorized entire books, down to the commas and periods.  They knew geneologies back twenty generations, and understood the intracacies of the law down to each individual person, no lawyers needed.  They lived so close to nature they understood the import behind every wind, to their good or detriment. They interacted and talked with the Supreme Creator that created them and gave them life, and understood the dangers of an Evil actor.  And they knew that they were not alone.  That they were caught in a supernatural, or extranatural war between good and evil, and sometimes the battle will come to us – inspite of our best efforts.

Psalm 4:8

John 16:33

Ephesians 6:12

Matthew 4:45

Phillipians 4:13

A Tale Older Than Time…