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Today’s Adventure

Early yet

Starting out, I am always filled with expectation.

Even if I’ve  traveled this way before.

Not that I love to be “On the road”. On the contrary, I love a settled calm life at home among the things that compose my nest, and when I travel the most incredible assortment of accoutrements must come along, bringing the nest.  Perhaps a better image is a turtle, rather than a bird which seems to be able to sleep anywhere!

I think perhaps it is the idea that enthralls me.  Adventure.  With a capital A!  Something (most anything) might happen.  The scent of the ocean, the sound of the trees rustling.  Sunrise walks and sunsets captured, and if I am truly fortunate I will feel the mist from the rain as I half sleep on a porch while listening to a falling symphony.

So as soon as the shell (Yes, I  changed metaphors) is packed, the errands run, and all other adventurers are loaded, we will commence.  We will keep you informed along the Way!




A Tale Older Than Time…