Religion? Why?

“The Visitor” By Tina Steele Penn

Many people travel through this world with little bother about the world they cannot see.   Religion just doesn’t matter to some. In fact they just don’t see the point.  Maybe they think some people NEED to think that there is more than can be seen.  But mostly they think people just believe because of the traditions with which they were brought up.


But what about us who “Believe”?   And why do the words “Religion” and “Believe” seem to always just go together.  In fact, to most people the words “Religion” and “Belief” are interchangeable, so If you ask people what they believe…

You really get a lot of different answers.  Sometimes it is just that they believe that “Belief” is very important, and simply believe for the sake of “Believing”.  Which to a non-believer seems very contrived, and rightly so. So I have listed out some things some people, (NOT ALL) believe.

Things people believe.

  1. We are it.  There is nothing more.  Except maybe Extraterrestrials.  It’s a big universe so, what the heck, why not.  But no, No other powers. Not higher powers, special powers, entities, whatever.  No, nothing more than we can see here, and maybe somewhere else. But still some kind of flesh and bone… ONLY.
  2. A higher power.  It’s out there.  It’s good for everybody, and benevolent, or not.  BUT if not, it’s passive and doesn’t have capacity for caring, concerning, or involvement.  So how much of a higher power. Very High.  Sort of in charge of everything in the end – We’re all going to a good place.  except those who don’t but we don’t really believe that. You know, like Karma.
  3. Speaking of Karma – Lots of gods.  Name your god er, gods.  For every need, hope, blessing, fear.  Thousands upon thousands you have to keep happy all the time, or at least appease.  Yes, these gods are traditional in nature.  But the MODERN Earthperson has their own!  Like, my health, my 401, my kids, my lover, my partner, my job, my own home, car is paid for, vegan, savings account,  My tablet, cable, Big Screen TV, sport team, club, plan, cruise, vacation home, divorce, marriage, siblings, you name it we put all our HOPE in the various barrels surrounding us.
  4. It’s all good.  We’re all going to be fine, as long as we are nice and try hard.  We will MAKE SURE that no matter what happens ( Stuff happens)  We will tell ourselves “WE ARE FINE!”  And no matter what, we are going to be fine, here or wherever we wind up.  Don’t know what that is, but if we’re going to be fine, then of course its a fine place.  We can try so hard at this that we can be at peace with ourselves and everyone, and everything, while we rake the little pebbles- peacefully.
  5. The Western Traditionalists.  The Oh-oh, Judeo-Christian  and Supreme Being ones.  By Oh-oh, we mean, We’re all going to die!!!   Maybe sooner than later. BECAUSE of an ANGRY GOD!  He loves us, but doesn’t do well with disobedience.  At least before we looked a little closer and discovered this GOD is a god of LOVE?  Created the whole WORLD?  And has a big PLAN for the future?

When you put it this way, religion seems a bit… difficult.  Hard, Weird.  But  What if?  What if this world, is a part of a bigger world we cannot see?  A mystical, mysterious, spiritual, non material world, where Love and Hate, Faith and Fear, Truth and Deception, have permanent consequences, and are measurable in quality, quantity, weight, and value.

Where gravity, and atoms, and photosynthesis, and elements, and stars, and black holes  don’t , pardon the pun, matter.

What some of us believe is that things that “Matter” are eternal.  Not material. Not what we can see.  Or Touch or Feel with our eyes and hands, or microscopes or telescopes.  That what is beyond, hidden, unseen, at least to the mortal eyes, requires a different kind of perception to “see”.  Where LOVE is all powerful, patient, kind, gentle, joyful and LOVING.  That there could be a downside is in the nature of EVIL, which is pervasive and everywhere warring against our every happiness, but we also believe…

That LOVE conquers all.



A Tale Older Than Time…

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